2023 Ford F-150 Lightning adds range and hefty price increases

Ford is reopening ordering for the 2023 Ford F-150 Lightning electric pickup truck, and it’s brought along a few updates for it. At the top of the list is a little boost in range for the base battery option. It picks up 10 more miles for a total estimated range of 240 miles. This battery option is available on the base Pro, XLT and Lariat trims. 

Also available now is Pro Trailer Hitch Assist. This feature lets the truck automatically maneuver itself into position for hooking up a trailer. It’s available on all trims. On Pro, XLT and some Lariat trims, it’s part of the optional Tow Technology Package. On some other Lariat trims and the Platinum trim, it’s a standard feature.

Furthermore, two new colors are available, Avalanche Gray and Azure Gray, which replace three existing colors. A police package called the Special Service Vehicle package is also now available, but just on the base Pro model.

Unfortunately, these features also come with a significant price increase. Depending on the trim level and configuration, the F-150 Lightning has increased in price between $6,000 and $8,500. The base Pro model now starts at $48,769, counting the $1,795 destination charge. If you already have an order in from earlier, you won’t have to pay this increased price. Also, if you have a reservation that hasn’t been converted to an order yet because of configuration delays, Ford will be providing a “private offer” when an order slot is available. Whether this is special pricing or credit toward Ford accessories, we’re not sure, but it should be something to ease the pain of the new pricing. But reservation holders will still have the option to cancel. Full pricing is listed below.

  • Pro: $48,769 (up $7,000)
  • XLT: $61,269 (up $6,500)
  • XLT High: $70,269 (up $6,000)
  • XLT High, Extended Range: $82,769 (up $8,500)
  • Lariat: $76,269 (up $7,000)
  • Lariat, Extended Range: $87,769 (up $8,500)
  • Platinum, Extended Range: $98,669 (up $6,000)

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