Alfa Romeo to develop a large car in the United States

MILAN — Itay’s Alfa Romeo will work on a new large car in the United States to be launched in 2027, the brand’s head Jean-Philippe Imparato said on Friday, adding however the group had not yet decided where to manufacture it.

Imparato said the step was key to tailoring the design for overseas markets, helping Alfa Romeo to strengthen its position as an international premium brand of carmaker Stellantis.

“Our offer for a large size vehicle must fit international markets, American, Chinese, European,” he said during a media call, a day after parent Stellantis released first half results.

Alfa Romeo is still assessing whether the new model will be an SUV or crossover bigger though it already has Stelvio with Tonale on the way, or a sedan bigger than Giulia, but it will probably not be an SUV as large as BMW’s X5 or X6, Imparato said. He told Automotive News that the vehicle could be a mix of the two vehicle types, perhaps not unlike the new Toyota Crown.

“We want to find the right mix,” he said. “It’s a decision we will take by the end of this year.”

Imparato said developing the car in the U.S. did not mean it would be produced in North America.

“Producing in the U.S. is not something we have decided and it is something we don’t want to decide now,” he added. Alfa’s two production sites are in Italy.


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