Bot from Amazon monitors your home and follows you around autonomously

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Amazon has surprised the world by introducing a friendly autonomous bot for your home. Astro from Amazon is a robot that monitors your home when no one is around and acts as a companion when you are. We can’t help but notice that Astro’s name reminds us of the 1960s hit animated sitcom “The Jetsons” and while Amazon’s bot isn’t an adorable pup from the future, it does follow its operator around acting as a personal assistant. Astro can provide reminders, play music, provide a live view of the house with an app and more. It can also detect obstacles when moving thanks to its on-board sensors, and when the battery is running low Astro heads to its charging station where it can lock itself in and fully charge. Amazon Astro has an introductory price of $999.99 but you can only purchase it by invitation.

To check out Amazon Astro click here:

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