CAA Organizes “E-Learning” Seminar at AUS

The Commission for Academic
Accreditation (CAA) of the Ministry of Education (MoE) is holding the
“E-Learning” seminar at the American University of Sharjah (AUS) on Thursday.
It is expected to be attended by 150 elite speakers and experts from local and
global higher education institutions, to highlight their experience with

The seminar will focus on the modern, innovative
techniques and systems of developing the e-learning in the higher education institutions;
exchanging opinions, expertise, and best experiences available in this area;
and briefing the participants on the latest update of the policies and
procedures, institutional readiness, and the best, innovative governance
systems for this type of learning.

Dr. Mohamed Baniyas, Higher Education Advisor,
Director of CAA
, stressed the importance of e-learning and the
benefits higher education institutions would gain through applying it. He also
reiterated the need to coordinate the efforts and exchange expertise on the
importance of this type of education and its role in offering a learning
environment that achieved a balance between curriculum, assessment, education,
scientific material, and efficiency of learners and teachers. He called on
encouraging and training academic staff to use the innovative teaching

added that the MoE was applying the best practices in the area of e-learning,
knowledge development, basic changes in the learning process, and the growth of
the knowledge community, developing the skills required in the digital age, and
linking them to the labor market. He explained that this harmonized with the
MoE’s strategy of enabling best practices in teaching methods in the digital
age and the latest advances in technology and online learning.

He said that such seminars enhanced the introduction of quality digital teaching,
the steps required to achieve qualitative outputs, and building a strong basis
for the design of curriculums. He added that they also help support teachers
through training, development, education technologies, and the institutional
strategies in the digital age to anticipate the future.

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