Cadillac Celestiq photos reveal more details both outside and inside

Our latest teaser of the Cadillac Celestiq is here, and we get to see a little more of the stunning and expensive Caddy this time around.

The main photo of interest is the first one in the above gallery that reveals the rear end and part of the Celestiq’s side. Dramatic lighting comes from both the top and bottom, as Cadillac integrates lights in places you wouldn’t normally see on a car. For example, LED light extends from the underside of the rear bumper, right from the rearmost point of the wheel arch. Then, the top light extends deep into the side of the car, similar to what we’ve seen on the Cadillac Lyriq. The sloped roofline is gorgeous, and of course the centerpiece in the rear is a light-up Cadillac crest.

We’ve already seen one photo of the wheel, but this new shot allows a much clearer look at the wheel and a fleeting glance of the front grille and front lighting. The front lighting scheme looks to mirror the Lyriq with its grille full of LEDs and a vertical daytime running light signature. Zooming in on the wheel photo, we can read the tire size on the sidewall (285/35R23). It’s running a 285-section-width Michelin Pilot Sport EV tire, and this large tire is wrapping an intricately designed 23-inch wheel.

Cadillac Celestiq

On the inside, the Celestiq features a two-seat rear configuration with a full center console of controls in the center. The starry lights on the door panel are pretty to look at, and the red leather sure is, too. The last interior photo we have to look at is from the cargo area, and it shows off the massive amount of screen real estate Cadillac is pumping into the Celstiq. The rear passengers get their own headrest-mounted screens alongside a central control screen between them. But then in front, it looks like the entire dash is a screen. We can’t see all of it, but it appears as though this screen might stretch from one pillar to the other. 

The screens themselves have a couple details hidden within them. For example, the little screen in the center console between the driver and passenger features a fingerprint scanner on the display that reads “profile syncing.” We’ll just assume that the Celestiq features a fingerprint reader for loading up your specific drive profile. And finally, the large screen indicates an 80% battery charge with 10 minutes remaining for a full charge. That would require some extra-speedy charging to get to 100% that quickly, as cars typically slow their charge rates down dramatically when they are near a full charge.

Cadillac says the Celestiq will be revealed in full on July 22, so expect to see the full car with all the details soon.

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