Can-Am shows two electric motorcycles for on- and off-road

Canadian powersports company BRP has revealed a trio of new electric vehicles from two of its brands, Can-Am and Sea-Doo. Can-Am is showing off a pair of motorcycles, and Sea-Doo a hydrofoil jet-board. And all three are slated for production, though sadly, the brands are not sharing many details, and we’ll have awhile to wait to hear more. But before we dig into that, let’s take a look at these machines.

The Can-Am bikes are aimed at two different markets. One is called the Origin, and it’s a dual-sport bike designed for both on-road cruising and off-road adventuring. The other is the Pulse, which is solely a road bike. They both feature edgy, beveled components and squared-off LED headlights. It also has the florescent green accents that are seemingly required if you want to tell the world you have something electric. We’re quite fond of both bike’s designs, as they look modern, sporty and unique without being overly aggressive. The lightly vintage look of the Origin is also quite appealing. They’re also powered by Rotax electric motors, support Level 2 charging and are direct-drive, doing away with a shiftable gearbox or CVT. But that’s all the detail Can-Am provided. 

2024 Sea-Doo Rise2024 Sea-Doo Rise

It’s a similar situation with the Sea-Doo Rise, the jet-board. It features the same sort of color scheme as the Can-Am bikes, but has an ultra-minimal design. It features a deployable hydrofoil, too, which is basically a wing, but for under water. And it has the same effect, creating lift and pushing the board up into the air. But if you simply want to float on the top of the water, it can be retracted.

All three of these products will go into production. But they won’t be available until 2024. And final specifications won’t be revealed until August of next year. We’ll be eagerly looking forward to hearing the details about these vehicles until then.

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