Emirati Student Teams Win 9 Gold, Bronze Medals in International Olympiads 2022

His Excellency Dr. Ahmad Belhoul Al Falasi, Minister of Education, said
that the UAE had taken strategic steps to enhance its education system,
establish the knowledge and innovation society, and uphold the values of
competitiveness by strengthening its leadership. He added that the result was
the outstanding excellence of the UAE student teams, who won nine gold and
bronze medals in the 2022 International Olympiads, in line with the directions
of the wise leadership of the country to enhance our national gains.

H.E. stressed that the Ministry of Education (MoE) adopted a modern educational approach
and a vision that is based on achieving innovative education. He added that
this was the outcome of firm convictions and national directions to build
students’ capabilities in various fields of science and enable them with tools
of critical thinking. He added that the aim was to qualify Emirati generations to
possess the potentials of excellence, implement the state’s plans for the next 50
years, and find effective solutions to local and global challenges.

H.E. added, “We are proud of our students
participating in the International Olympiads, in particular those who worked
hard to achieve outstanding results and significant accomplishments. They
received great support from their schools, teachers, and parents. This shows that
our students are now more knowledgeable and more prepared for future
requirements to achieve qualitative outcomes.”

H.E. Al Falasi pointed out that the Emirati generations’ strong desire
to excel would make them able to overcome the challenges, elevate the position of our
country, and explore future horizons in the fields of technology, innovation,
and leadership. He said that the MoE had been preparing students to participate
in the International Olympiads, highlighting their scientific excellence, and
creating wide opportunities for them by exploring and nurturing outstanding
students in various scientific fields, in addition to creating a positive
competitive environment in the school pahses.

The UAE has won nine gold and bronze medals in the International Physics
Olympiad and the International Chemistry Olympiad 2022. The Emirati students
gave brilliant
performance in the 52nd Physics Olympiad, held virtually in
Switzerland from 12 to 17 July, and won two gold and three bronze medals. The
chemistry team, on the other hand, won four bronze medals in the
International Chemistry
Olympiad, held virtually in China.

The list of honour of gold and bronze medal winners in Physics included student Ahmad Al-Abdouli, from
Hamad bin Abdullah Al Sharqi School, students Fatima Al-Yamahi and Fatima Al-Dhanhani,
from Al Masah School, student Mihul Agarwal, from Our Own High School, and
student Sara Korovilla, from the English Private School.

The list of Chemistry medal winners included student Bashayer Al Yamahi, from Al
Masah School, student Yasmin Mahmoud, from Al Rashidiya School for Secondary
Education, student Dhanvi Nutial, from
GEMS Our Own English High School, and student Shyamal
Dwivedi, from Our Own English High School. Student Adi Sinha, from Delhi
Private School, has won an honor plaque for his participation in the International
Mathematical Olympiad.

For his part, H.E. Dr. Mohammad Al Mualla, Undersecretary for Higher
Education Academic Affairs, stressed that the Emirati students teams’ win of nine
gold and bronze medals in the International Olympiads enhanced the MoE’s vision
of adopting the best practices to establish a modern educational system that
met the aspirations and helped qualify a creative generation.

He explained that Emirati schools were full of talented and excellent
students. He added that the current generations were thoughtful and striving
for leadership, had
ambitions and will, were aware of and prepared for the requirements of the future
with innovative thinking and scientific research skills. He said that they
would enhance the country’s presence at the global level, ensure it remained competitive,
and maintain a sustainable knowledge society.

Sponsoring talented, innovative students

For her part, H.E. Dr. Amna Al Dahak Al Shamsi, Undersecretary for Activities
and Care Sector, said that this achievement boosted the MoE’s role in
developing an integrated system to sponsor talented, innovative students in all
scientific and cultural areas, to achieve the objectives of national programs.
She added that the education system complied with the best educational and
global standards, prepared the students for the future, took part in establishing
the knowledge economy in the UAE.

H.E. stressed that the MoE’s programs attracted the talented citizens
and residents in the UAE, which enhanced the country’s desire to attract and
maintain the distinguished talented students of all ages and boosted the UAE’s
status as an incubator of global talents.

H.E. said, “We are
proud of our creative students and expect a lot from them. They have bright
minds, astounding potentials, and distinguished talents and are actively taking
part in the march towards building, development and prosperity, enriching the
minds with knowledge, and exploring the human potentials and talents our
country has in all areas.”

Excellence and
creativity environment

The winners stressed
that their success was the outcome of educational efforts, care given to them
by the MoE, and creating the appropriate environment that helped them succeed.
They added that the win also reflected an aspiration to achieve the national objectives
and the huge efforts made by the schools and parents, who instilled in them the
inspiration, spirit, and passion to face the challenges and achieve the best
results in all areas.

It is worth
mentioning that the number of students making up the Emirati teams
participating in the International Olympiads was 19 male and female students, 4
in Biology Olympiad, 5 in the Physics Olympiad, 6 in the Mathematics Olympiad,
and 4 in the Chemistry Olympiad.

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