From July 1, 2022, new laws will come into force in Russia.

Let ‘s list
a number of legislative innovations:

1. An
online database of malicious traffic violators is launched.

Companies and individual entrepreneurs will be able to use the new procedure
for paying taxes, fees, insurance premiums, penalties, fines by transferring a
single tax payment to the state budget. Also, the tax service will resume the
suspension of operations on bank accounts to collect tax arrears.

Automation of the simplified taxation system. In Moscow and the Moscow Region,
an experiment will be carried out until the end of 2027 to introduce a special
tax regime – an automated simplified taxation system. Taxpayers applying this
regime are companies and entrepreneurs using this regime. The object of
taxation is income at the rate of 9%, or income minus expenses at the rate of

4. Citizens
will be able to register at the place of residence or at the place of stay in
any registration authority within the city district or district, and in cities
of federal significance – in any subdivision on its territory. Registration can
also be made through the portal of Public Services.

5. The
period for issuing a passport will be reduced to five days.

6. Banks
are obliged to inform clients about the risks associated with the use of
investment products (securities and other financial instruments), that income
on them is not guaranteed, and deposits are not insured.

7. Guides,
guides-translators and instructors-guides will have to pass certification every
5 years.

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