Lego 1969 Chevy Camaro Z28 makes for a model muscle car

Lego has been creating some fantastic large car model kits that have covered a variety of vehicles. Its latest revisits the world of American muscle cars with the 1969 Chevy Camaro Z28. Like past Lego kits, it looks great, and it’s nice to see a counterpoint to the 1967 Mustang kit that went on sale a few years ago.

As with some recent Lego car kits, the Camaro has a few customization options. You get your choice of three different stripe colors, hardtop or convertible roof, and choice of headlights (exposed or concealed). The kit also features opening doors, hood and trunk, a detailed interior and a miniature 302 cubic inch V8 in the engine bay. There’s even a tiny vintage car magazine to leave in the interior, plus fully functional steering.

The completed model is 14 inches long and 5.5 inches wide. It also consists of 1,458 pieces, nearly the same number as the Mustang. It goes on sale starting Aug. 1, and it costs $169.99.

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