Logistics tech company introduces the Tive Tag cold-chain shipping label

A new first- and last-mile cold-chain visibility product has hit the market.

Supply chain and logistics technology company Tive has introduced Tive Tag, a cloud-enabled multi-trip temperature logging label.

The long-life temperature logger comes in the form of a thin, flexible shipping label with a non-lithium battery that is designed to be reused among multiple trips throughout a year’s time. Tive said it costs half the price of a conventional logger.

“I’m really excited to show the Tive Tag to the world … Seamless like a shipping label, the Tive Tag puts amazing tech in the palm of your hand at a price the market has never seen,” said Tive Founder and CEO Krenar Komoni. “Customers have been searching for a last-mile solution, and cost has always been the barrier. The Tive Tag is the answer.”

The temperature logger can be used for first- and last-mile deliveries and warehouse operations, as well as over-the-road, rail, air and ocean cold chain management.

Users can stick the tag on a reusable plastic container, a carton or a box, tap it with their phone and ship. When the shipment arrives, the tag is tapped again to collect temperature data from its origin to its destination, and users can define individual trips with a tap.

Temperature data is uploaded instantly to the Tive Tag cloud mobile and web applications – where users can see the shipment’s complete history – for review and regulatory compliance.

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