Lucid Air goes to the dark side with Stealth Look design package

You can’t be cool in the automotive world these days without some sort of dark trim package that replaces various bits of brightwork, including the wheels, with dark gray or black trim. Sometimes it’s gloss, sometimes its matte. It usually comes with names like Nightshade, Midnight or Black Edition.

That said, welcome to the party Lucid Air Stealth Look. Available on the Touring, Grand Touring and Grand Touring Performance, the Stealth Look makes changes to 35 exterior components. The car normally has two types of silver trim — one bright, the other a more matte finish — that basically get swapped out for three variations of dark gray that are termed as “black gloss,” “satin graphite” or “Stealth Polished” finishes. Swaps are applied notably to the mirrors, the “cantrails” that frame the roof, head- and taillight surrounds, and the “nose blade” fascia trim. The wheels are also unique to the Stealth Look. Depending on trim level, there’s the 21-inch Aero Sport Stealth Wheels and 20-inch Aero Lite Stealth Wheels. 

We got a chance to see the Lucid Air Stealth Look during our behind-the-scenes look at Lucid’s design and engineering center. Because it mostly uses gray instead of black, it looks a little more in-keeping with the car’s design, and less like the owner is trying too hard to be Batman. Lucid says its designers always intended for the Air to be available with two looks: the current one with brightwork and more traditional luxury vibe, and then the sportier, more modern and currently trendy look of darker trim. 

The Stealth Look is available with any of the Lucid Air’s five colors and is a $6,000 option. It will be available starting in the first quarter of 2023. 

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