MBZ Award for Best Teacher Starts Assessing Teachers’ Participations

The fourth edition of the Mohammed bin Zayed Award for
Best Teacher has begun assessing the participations submitted (office
assessment) in phase one. The award will then conduct personal interviews with
candidate teachers to make a list of the best participations. The final phase
includes the final assessment, which will be conducted through handing out a
questionnaire and meeting the managers, colleagues, and students of the
candidate teachers.

Arbitration committees, whose members have enough
experience, knowledge, and efficiency in the area of education, conduct the
assessment process. The process is conducted in phases, the first of which is
the “office assessment,” where the applications of teachers submitted to the
award are assessed electronically, to ensure the highest standards of accuracy,
efficiency, and effectiveness.

The second phase includes holding personal interviews
with the participants in their countries.
A list of teachers who have inspiring and distinctive
educational experiences is then prepared. The final phase includes choosing the
best creative participations that achieves positive educational impact in the
education community.

Dr. Hamad Al-Darmaki, Secretary General of the
Mohammed bin Zayed Award, said that the award was
moving steadily towards leadership through its objectives,
especially the future investment in teachers working in the education sector in
the participating countries, motivating them to work, innovate, and provide the
best performance that would reflect positively on school communities and offer
a creativity-incubating environment. He explained that teachers were pillars of
development and would always receive enough care to possess the keys to creativity
and educational progress. He added that this was the main philosophy of the

He added that award had established high-level
indicators and standards that matched the best educational practices and
experiences, whether in terms of performance, participation, or the
comprehensive assessment of participations. 
He explained that
participations would go through
phases of assessment and various basic benchmarking that ensured the selection
of the best ones.

He said that the award was launched based on the
directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the President
of the UAE, to translate the leadership’s aspirations and belief that education
should be the pillar of building future generations. He added that this would
be achieved by developing the foundations and pillars of education, at the
heart of it teachers, whom we all respected and appreciated. He explained that
the award sought to
establish important
aspects that would consolidate building school communities characterized by
innovation and creativity and enrich educational
momentum by motivating teachers to achieve career excellence
and rewarding pioneering, outstanding participants.

Al-Darmaki pointed out that the award was keen on
expanding participation, whether at the level of countries or number of
participations, which achieved a qualitative leap in the number of Arab
countries participating in the award, and expanding globally by allowing
foreign countries to participate too.

He explained that the
work teams were keen on communicating, coordinating, and working harmoniously and
directly with concerned parties through conducting field visits to the
participating countries. They were also keen on strengthening the aspects of
joint work and introducing the award, so that all teachers would have the
opportunity to highlight their educational roles and work in a way that would
enhance education development strategies. This would achieve the leadership’s
vision of strengthening frameworks for the advancement of the elements of education,
not only at the local and Arab levels, but also globally.

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