MoE Launches 3rd Edition of “Estedad”, Introduces New Track

​The MoE has launched the third edition of the National Ambassadors
Program “estedad” virtually (remotely) for two weeks during the school
vacation, from 18 July to 5 August 2022. The program is launched in partnership
with leading universities and institutions in the country. It targets students
from grade eight to grade 12 and government and private school teachers.
Registration for the program is open until 10 June.

“estedad” is an enrichment program that targets students and teachers at
the national level, to build their abilities in various areas. It also allows
students to learn about higher education institutions to acquire the skills
they need at the university
and professional studies, according to the best international standards. The
program will also attract distinguished students from the KSA for the second
year in a row.

It is also a preliminary program and a prerequisite to take part in the
“National Ambassadors Program,” launched by the MoE every year since 2016. New
tracks that harmonize with local and international trends have also been introduced.
The “National
Ambassadors” programs for public education students fall within several
tracks, namely innovation, future, diplomacy, sports excellence,
“masterpieces” (in the fields of arts and culture), and giving.

”estedad” programs fall under various tracks, namely scientific research,
innovation and entrepreneurship, diplomacy, and enrichment. A new track has also
been introduced this year, namely the cultural and creative industries track, to
achieve the UAE’s national strategy for creative and cultural industries,
launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, may Allah
preserve him, Vice President, Prime Minister of the UAE, Ruler of Dubai, in
2021. Thus, the “
estedad” programs are flexible in application, innovation, creativity,
competitiveness, and scalability.

H.E. Dr. Amna Al-Dahak Al-Shamsi, Assistant
Undersecretary for Care & Capacity Building Sector at the MoE, stressed
that the estedad programs” aimed
to enable the students with knowledge and various
skill that would enhance their abilities and polish their personalities. She
added that the programs would also make it easy for them to engage in
university life confidently and boost their chances of success in their
careers. It is worth mentioning that students from the KSA will take part in
this year’s edition, for the second year in a row, within the framework of
strengthening the close strategic cooperation between the KSA and the UAE in
the educational field.

H.E. Al-Shamsi added that the MoE had offered a host
of innovative programs under the “estedad” initiative to offer theoretical,
practical, and interactive training to a big number of Emirati and non-Emirati
students and update them with latest developments and knowledge in the various
tacks of the programs.

She explained that the “estedad” programs aimed to
enable teachers to play their roles in making the education system succeed. She
added that this was achieved through offering them rich training
opportunities, to enrich their knowledge, build and develop their research
capabilities and creative and innovative skills in various fields, and equip them
with the skills of the 21st century. She said that this would
enhance the education system, in cooperation with the strategic partners, such
as the leading universities and institutions, and achieve the strategic plans
and objectives of the UAE and the insightful vision of its unique leadership.

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