MoE Signs MoU with Internal Auditors Association

The Ministry of Education (MoE) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding
(MoU) with the Internal Auditors Association, to boost cooperation between the
two sides in the areas of preparing, organizing, and participating in the
auditing conferences, exchanging expertise in auditing in line with future
trends and sustainability of technical and cognitive development.

H.E. Dr. Muhammad bin Ibrahim Al-Mualla, MoE’s Undersecretary for Academic Affairs, and H.E. Abdulqader
Obaid Ali, CEO of Internal Auditors Association, signed the MoU at the MoE’s office
in Khalifa City.

His Excellency Dr. Muhammad Al-Mualla said, “Internal auditing is of
great importance, as it highlights the role of the UAE as an excellence, good
governance, social responsibility, and transparency hub.” H.E. Dr. Al-Mualla
praised the continuous development of the Internal Auditors Association, which
made it among the most important associations specialized in internal auditing
in the world. He explained that the association achieved that by adopting the best
practices in the area of information technology, technological development, and
human competencies, which enhanced its work system in line with the visions of
creativity, innovation, and the quality of outputs.

He added, “Through signing this MoU, we seek to play a leading, global
role in enhancing the role of internal auditing in the education sector. The
MoU includes a number of initiatives, including the joint-organization of the
first conference on internal auditing in education, which will have an
important role in improving the quality of work in the education sector and
will be the first of its kind worldwide.”

H.E. Abdulqader Obaid Ali, CEO of Internal Auditors Association,
stressed the importance of cooperation with the MoE. He explained that the main
idea of the conference was to establish a constant international
forum for experts in
auditing, integrity, and transparency in the field of education. He added that
it would be based on sharing expertise and knowledge transfer to the ministries
and specialists worldwide and working on developing a common concept that would
ensure providing the best educational services.

H.E. added that they looked forward to establishing a mechanism for
auditing all types of education, in particular e-learning; as a future concept
that would develop the education process. He add that integrity, transparency,
and equal opportunities would also be adopted to explore and develop
educational competencies and establish the frameworks that would help address
the educational issues in a transparent manner that would enhance the quality
of education.

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