Morgan Plus Four adds hardtop option to the range

Now that the legal particulars have been addressed for low-volume vehicle manufacturers, we will not be surprised to see many more Morgans on the streets in the coming years. And although a Morgan in its natural state rolls through the yonder hills with its top down, there are times, places, and seasons when a hardtop might be the way to go. For just such instances, PistonHeads reports Morgan has finally extended availability of its factory hardtop to the Plus 4. The Plus Six First Editions came with a factory hardtop when introduced in 2019. The old-school English automaker then waited until earlier this year to introduce the fixed head on the limited-edition Plus 4 LM62 that celebrated a class win at Le Mans 60 years ago. Now buyers of the series production version can get under stiffer cover.

It won’t be any surprise to find that the option won’t be cheap. Morgan listed put the first-ever hardtop-equipped 2022 Plus 4 on sale for £88,995, equivalent to nearly $107,100 in greenbacks. The latest price list indicates a standard Plus 4 with an eight-speed automatic starts at £68,930 ($82,926 U.S.) after VAT and local on-road costs. However, since the least expensive option for the lineup is a set of £120 ($144 U.S.) puddle lights, and paints beyond the four free colors start at £870 ($1,050 U.S.), the bill escalates quickly. Those silver wire wheels with matching spare cost £1,865 ($2,244 U.S.) by themselves. Unfortunately, the price list doesn’t yet include the cost of the hardtop, but you get the idea — don’t look for a bargain.

The showcase comes in Metallic Ice Blue and body-colored roof over Pebble British Blue Leather, and a Blue Mohair soft top “supplied separately.” The full tally of options can be found at the listing. Anyone interested in the first-ever hardtop Plus 4 should place a call to Morgan Motors in Malvern or stop by the showroom, where the coupe awaits a buyer. We have a feeling it won’t be long. 



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