New heavy-duty wheel seals with warranty

Amsted Seals has launched the Endurance Series wheel seals for commercial vehicles.

Amsted says the seals feature a unique rubber bumper design, providing superior service life in the harshest operating conditions. The hand-installable seal is compatible with all standard axle lubes for easy, error-free installation. Plus, the seal comes with a one-year, unlimited mile warranty, the company adds. 

“We’re excited to bring such a high quality seal to the aftermarket,” said Bill Hayen, director of sales, Amsted Seals. “When compared with other seals in the market in hot life benchmark testing, the Endurance has been shown to last up to four times longer.”

The company adds other seal features and benefits include:

  • “Tool-free” installation
  • Unitized with retention feature and unique rubber bumper design
  • Best-in-class service life, up to 1,700+ hours
  • 220°F maximum operating temperature
  • Customized NBR material
  • Cold resistant at -40°F
  • Air side is fully overmolded to prevent corrosion
  • Superior contamination exclusion with five barriers
  • Lip optimized for minimal friction and temperature
  • Compatibility with all standard axle lubes

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