Nissan recalls thousands of Rogue Hybrids for brake booster defect

Nissan is recalling nearly 6,000 Rogue Hybrids to address potentially defective hydraulic brake boosters. The brake booster provides power assist for the brakes, facilitating the low-effort braking we take for granted in everyday driving. 

The population includes 5,904 Rogue Hybrids produced for the 2017-2019 model years. Nissan says the brake booster employed in the hybrid model can overheat during repeated use in hot conditions, especially in stop-and-go traffic, which is where a hybrid model is expected to excel. 

“If the temperature exceeds the allowable range, lubricity deteriorates which can cause sparking due to brush and commutator chatter that results in abnormal commutator wear,” Nissan’s defect report says. “This abnormal wear may lead to brush vibration, causing the pigtail to bend repeatedly and disconnect, leading to a decrease in brake assist output. If brake assist output drops below a predetermined level, the red brake system warning indicator will illuminate and the driver will receive an audible buzzer.”

The vehicle will still technically be operable in this state, but will require significantly more effort to slow down. Nissan has begun circulating notices to dealers and owners; they should arrive with instructions by the end of September. 

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