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 Looking for a way to keep your garage cozy in the winter without breaking the bank? Check out the top-rated garage heaters down below! Whether you use your garage to park your car, as a workshop, or just for storage, keeping it warm and comfortable in the chilly season can be an uphill task. Many home heating systems don’t extend to garages, and many garages are incomplete or lack proper insulation, rendering them practically useless in the winter.

A high-quality garage heater can heat various-sized garages for much less than other heating systems, and investing in one can save your garage from becoming a freezer in the winter. When purchasing a garage heater, there are some important things to keep in mind, such as the size of the garage, how large the door is and how warm you want it to be. Once you have all the information you need, you can purchase a garage heater that offers exceptional performance within your budget. We’ve evaluated several garage heaters and listed our top picks below. 

Top Garage Heaters of 2022 Reviewed in Detail

Comfort Zone Garage Heater: Our pick

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This ceiling-mounted garage heater from Comfort Zone has a heavy-duty steel body that helps it endure drastic temperature changes, as well as louvers and versatile mounting angles that can help direct warm air wherever you want. The controls are fairly simple and feature dual knobs at the front for turning the heater on and off in a flash, and this heater is ideal for garages, providing sufficient heating without using up any floor space. This garage heater comes with a built-in sensor that shuts it off to prevent overheating, as well as a power light that lets you easily see whether the unit is still working or not. With wide heat dissipation, rugged steel construction, safety sensors and easy-to-use controls, this garage heater is a well-deserved top pick.


  • Durable, sturdy build
  • Easy to install
  • Quick, efficient heating


  • Fan screws require tightening

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The Heat Storm infrared garage heater comes with built-in Wi-Fi, letting you conveniently control the unit from your smartphone. Its mount design helps you save floor space and offers swift heating, and its front screen houses a timer with brightness, temperature and power controls along with a beep toggle. This heater also includes washable filters that capture dust and provide clean heat for healthy air quality, and its grill won’t heat up and is safe to touch. This garage heater is pretty quiet thanks to its noise-free operation, and it also offers protection from overheating. Its automatic eco-mode offers energy-efficient heating with no harmful fumes, and the heater also has a child lock, automatic dimmer, automatic shut-offs and a tab for conveniently hiding cords– how much more user-friendly can a garage heater be?


  • Quiet and efficient operation
  • Wi-Fi is easy to set up
  • Wall-mounted design saves space


  • Wi-Fi version unsuited for floor placement

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This carbon garage heater from Dr. Infrared Heater is great for both indoor and outdoor use thanks to its weatherproof exterior. The heater’s durable and weather-safe aluminum build ensures protection against condensation, moisture and rain, and it can turn on quickly and instantly warm up your garage (or patio). It also has a heat sensor that keeps an eye on potential overheating and will safely turn the unit off if the temperature rises too much. Equipped with an LED display, this garage heater offers three heating modes to suit all your heating needs. This garage heater also has a built-in timer to automatically power it on and off, and its remote control lets you conveniently operate the heater, whether it’s wall-mounted, hanging from the ceiling or even on a tripod. Included with this garage heater is a power cord, mounting brackets and remote control.


  • Offers direct, wide-angle heat
  • Strong, durable build 
  • Heats up instantly


  • Does not offer clear instructions regarding installation 

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This portable propane heater can offer up to 60,000 BTU (British thermal units) and might just be the ultimate choice for any job site. With its ergonomically designed handle and rugged steel construction, this Mr. Heater garage heater is workplace-tough and offers extreme longevity. The heater boasts technology that makes it 50 quieter than its standard propane counterparts, and the heat it gives off is efficient, economical and clean. In addition to electricity, you’ll also have to attach the heater to a propane tank for a steady heat supply. The heater works with a 20-pound propane tank and can offer heat for up to 14 hours. It also comes with a high-temperature limit switch and can sufficiently heat approximately 1,500 square feet of space, making it a great choice for both your garage and any other large areas you want to keep warm.


  • Quickly heats spaces
  • Versatile heating modes
  • Easy to use


  • Handle does not come assembled

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Thanks to its superb outdoor IP rating (Ingress Protection), this Briza garage heater can withstand snow, rain, dust and other harsh conditions. It uses infrared technology that’s similar to the sun’s rays, and the heater’s surroundings will quickly absorb these rays and lead to a rise in temperature. Its three heat levels let you adjust heat intensity according to your needs, so you won’t be left too warm or not warm enough. No Goldilocks moments here– this heater can keep the heat just right. You can conveniently switch the heater on or off with its handy remote, and thanks to safety sensors the unit will automatically power off if it’s tipped over. You can also set timers for powering the unit on and off, and included with your purchase are wall and ceiling brackets and a flexible tripod stand.


  • Adjustable heat settings
  • Instant, efficient heating
  • Weather-resistant design


Buying guide: garage heaters

Garage heaters are a great way to keep your garage cozy. During the winter there’s a huge surge in the demand for garage heaters, and this, unfortunately, leads to a mushrooming supply of similar products that can leave you feeling pretty confused. Doing a little research beforehand can help you find the garage heater that fits your needs, so take a look at the benefits of investing in one and how to find the ideal unit for your garage. 

Are garage heaters different from standard heaters?

Garage heaters are different from indoor heaters in the sense that garages require an appliance that can provide great results despite a massive door and poor insulation. Standard heaters, on the other hand, will only provide additional warmth inside.

In addition to function, garage heaters can also endure harsher conditions than standard heaters thanks to their solid design. Many feature a heavy-duty stainless steel body that’s resistant to water, condensation and temperature drops. 

Different kinds of garage heaters

Garage heaters come in all shapes, sizes and forms, but the thing that sets these heaters apart is how they actually work. We can classify garage heaters as electrical, natural gas or infrared heaters.

Electric heaters are the modern option, and heating works on an electric supply. These heat garages quickly and efficiently and cost less than other options. Natural gas heaters or propane heaters are a couple of other popular choices, and these heaters employ propane to heat large open spaces and are great for outdoor use. 

Infrared heaters provide heat that’s similar to the sun, and these heaters work to provide direct heat in a specific spot. Because of this, though, infrared heaters aren’t top candidates for quickly heating an entire garage. Besides these factors, heaters can also differ in whether they’re portable or mountable, as well as the amount of British thermal units they consume in an hour.

Why invest in a garage heater?

In the past, garages were simply used to store cars and junk, but over time these spaces have become a more important part of houses. Nowadays garages might be home to DIY projects, indoor workshops, a play area for the kids, a man cave or numerous other things. The cold can make a garage uninhabitable, and investing in a heater is a great idea if you want to take full advantage of your garage. Check out some significant benefits that getting a garage heater can provide:

Quick working

Garage heaters are well-known for quickly heating any space. These heaters offer fast performance thanks to their design and heating mechanism.


Another great benefit of employing a garage heater is the cost. These heaters are quite cost-efficient options in the long run, and with countless manufacturers and types, anyone can find a heater within their budget.

Saves space

Many garage heaters can be mounted on ceilings and walls, which can help clear up floor space. This also helps prevent accidents, as no one is going to accidentally trip over a heater that’s fixed to the ceiling.


The body of a garage heater is sturdy and durable. Manufacturers keep temperature changes and harsh surroundings in mind, assuring that heaters will last a while.


Modern garage heaters come with tons of safety features including, but not limited to, safety sensors that prevent overheating, automatic power-offs and energy efficiency.


Garage heaters employ innovative technology for an appliance that won’t be too annoying. Many heaters have low-noise operations and won’t cause additional noise pollution.

Energy efficient

More recent garage heaters come with eco-modes that can keep your heater working in an optimal state without consuming a lot of fuel. If you’re looking for an option that’s great for your wallet and the environment, garage heaters can be worth the investment.

Purchasing garage heaters

One of the biggest dilemmas when shopping for anything is not knowing what to look for. We came up with a quick list of things to keep in mind to help you select the perfect garage heater.

Heating capacity

It’s essential to invest in the right heater. Look for one that has sufficient heating capacity for your garage size. Many heaters mention the square footage they can efficiently heat up, and to measure square footage simply multiply the length and width of your garage. After you’ve got this measurement in hand, find a heater that can heat up slightly more than the covered area for top results.

Solid build

Garage heaters work in harsher conditions than indoor heaters, and this is why you need to ensure the heater has a solid build that can tolerate quick and unexpected weather changes. 

Safety sensors

Garage heaters are appliances that can get pretty hot– sometimes a heater reaches an unsafe level and the unit powers itself off to cool down. Always invest in a heater with safety sensors that can automatically turn the heater off to prevent overheating.

Wall-mounted or floor heater

Whether you opt for a portable heater or a mountable one depends on your needs. Users can save floor space by employing a mountable heating option in their garage, but if space isn’t an issue then a floor or tripod heater can work well too.

Quiet operation

Like many other appliances, heaters work well thanks to a plethora of small parts. These parts, when working together, can create noise that you may not mind… or might be absolutely unbearable to listen to. This is why when purchasing a heater it’s important to consider how quiet the unit will be– loud heaters can be distracting and cause plenty of noise pollution. 

Energy efficient

It’s important to invest in a heater that saves energy– whatever its power source is, the heater should be efficient. This ensures the heater works well and suffers minimal energy loss. 


Last but not least, it’s always good to have a budget in mind. There are a lot of options out there when it comes to garage heaters, including ones with mid-range price tags. Look for a heater that’s both affordable and performs well. 

Garage Heater FAQ’s

Q: How can I calculate which heater I need?

You can decide on a heater based on the BTU it consumes or the covered area it heats up. Measure the size of your garage and purchase a heater accordingly. 

Q: Which heater will be sufficient for a one-car garage?

For a one-car garage, a 10,000 BTU heater can work pretty well, though this might vary depending on the insulation and height of the ceilings.

Q: Can I save electricity by using a heater?

Yes, employing an electric heater only when you need it can be cheaper than the cost of a heating system that covers the entire garage. Cost also varies depending on the size of the garage and the efficiency of the heater.        

Q: Are garage heaters safe?

Yes! Many garage heaters come with safety sensors that power the unit off in case of risk. Garage heaters also have timers and can even be controlled from your smartphone, giving you a little more control and peace of mind when it comes to their operation.

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