Prohibition on the export and import of certain goods

Export ban.

The Cabinet of Ministers has imposed restrictions on the export of certain types of goods from Russia. A permissive export procedure has been introduced for some goods.

Foreign countries have imposed restrictive measures on the import of certain goods into Russia.

It is prohibited to export foreign goods of economic value from Russia. The list of goods is specified in Government Decree No. 311 of 09.03.2022.

This list includes:

– medicines;

– tools and spare parts;

– production equipment;

– machines;

– generators and motors;

– semiconductor products;

– vehicles.

A permissive procedure has been established for a number of foreign goods, specified in Government Decree No. 312 of 09.03.2022.

To export goods from the approved list, you will need to obtain a permit from the relevant ministry.

The government approved a list of unfriendly countries where the listed goods, as well as timber from Russia, cannot be exported. Unfriendly countries include those countries that have imposed restrictive sanctions against Russia.

The ban on export from Russia does not apply to the following goods:

– produced in Russia;

– intended for personal use by citizens;

– in case of transit;

– exported under an export license.

These measures have been introduced for a period until December 31, 2022.

Import ban.

The EU and the US have restricted the supply of certain goods to Russia:

– aviation equipment;

– space technology;

– high-tech equipment and electronics;

– seeds and agrochemical products;

– food and medicines.

In order to eliminate the shortage of goods, the Government has issued a decree on the permission of parallel imports, so it is possible to import goods without violation and permission of the copyright holder.

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