Stanadyne’s corrosion-resistant inlet metering valve

Stanadyne has developed a new Inlet Metering Valve (IMV) for diesel common rail pumps to address applications where corrosion and dirty fuel can significantly reduce the life of the valve and the pump.

The company’s new IMV focuses on resolving this issue. The IMV’s design uses high-quality corrosion-resistant components and proprietary features to prevent large debris from entering the valve, thus providing exceptional robustness to corrosion and debris, resulting in long life and durability in harsh environmental conditions.

“In the fuel system industry, our global customer warranty analysis shows that about five percent or more of global diesel common rail pump failures are caused by malfunctioning IMVs,” says Stanadyne Chief Technology Officer Dr. Brad Stroia. “The malfunctions are often attributed to corrosion in the valves.”

Stanadyne says the Inlet metering valve plays the main role of controlling the output of a diesel common rail pump in response to engine fueling demands. When the valve fails, the engine can no longer control its fuel pressure and delivery. Depending on the magnitude of the issue, the malfunction can cause engine efficiency losses or potentially lead to fuel pump and fuel injection system damage, the company says.

The Stanadyne valve design also allows for quick customization of both mechanical and electrical interfaces, is cost-competitive, and offers a robust direct replacement for both diesel engine service and aftermarket, the company notes.

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