Supply chain unaffected by ‘Great Resignation’

The supply chain has been kinked for more than two years, but many of those who work in support of it are feeling no pain come payday. 

The Association for Supply Chain Management’s (ASCM) 2022 Supply Chain Salary and Career Report found supply chains were minimally impacted by the Great Resignation – an ongoing trend that’s seen million of employees voluntarily leave their jobs en mass for a variety of reasons. Salaries and compensation continue to rise with survey respondents reporting an average of a 9% pay increase. Overall, total compensation has increased by an average of 12%, with the median package being just under $100,000.

This week, ASCM CEO Abe Eshkenazi joins Jason and Matt on CCJ‘s 10-44 to talk about supply chain pay and career satisfaction. 

CCJ‘s 10-44 is a weekly video feature covering the latest in trucking news and trends, equipment and technology. Subscribe to our YouTube channel here

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