Tesla’s Berlin factory reportedly only building black and white cars

Tesla’s factory in Berlin has started making cars, but the scope of configurations that it’s capable of building reportedly remains limited — so limited, in fact, that it’s only churning out black and white vehicles, according to recent report, and a plant in China will supply customers who order a different color.

Industry trade journal Automotive News reported that Solid Black and Pearl White Multi-Coat are the only colors being applied to Model Ys that carry a “made in Germany” label. The issue is being blamed on supply chain-related constraints, and it sounds like Tesla isn’t the only carmaker experiencing color-related delays. Renault is allegedly offering “fast-track” delivery to buyers of black, white, or gray cars.

As of writing, customers who settle for a Model Y in black or white are scheduled to receive their car in October 2022, according to the report. Those who order blue, red, or silver will get a car built in Tesla’s Shanghai factory and they’ll need to wait until March 2023 for it. It’s interesting to note that Automotive News learned from anonymous sources that there have been issues in the Berlin factory’s paint shop since series production started in March 2022, though the publication stopped short of providing details about the nature of the problems.

Tesla closed its German factory for 12 days starting on July 11, 2022, to “optimize manufacturing,” the report adds. It will notably make unspecified changes that will allow it to significantly speed up production; car bodies will make a 45-second stop at each manufacturing station, down from 90 seconds before the shutdown. The goal is reportedly to double the plant’s production rate starting in August 2022.

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