In case of illegal blocking of content on the Internet, the copyright holder will be able to recover compensation in addition to damages.

The legislation allows the blocking of Internet content in violation of intellectual property rights. The copyright holder may block the illegal use of the content by filing an application to the court or by contacting an information intermediary. The actions of the complainants are not always legitimate.

For example, unscrupulous copyright holders may block competing content. In this case, it is quite problematic to bring the guilty person to justice and receive compensation. This is due to the fact that such blocking cannot be interpreted unambiguously as a violation of intellectual rights. If a violation of rights is proved, it will be necessary to justify the amount of losses incurred from the illegal actions of a competitor.

Similar instruments for obtaining compensation are also provided for other violations of exclusive rights. The amount of compensation is determined by the court in the amount of 10 thousand to 5 million rubles for the violation.

These innovations will help to limit the abuse of rights and ensure a balance of interests of authors and other copyright holders while protecting their legitimate rights and interests.

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